Season 1: 2 topics and 3 projects

"The world of LoRa" and "the materiality of networks": such are the topics of the Orange Art Factory for Season 1.

Topic 1 - The world of LoRa: examining uses

The multi-disciplinary artistic projects created are based on the LoRa low-consumption network. Focused on the Internet of Things, LoRa is currently expanding and being deployed at a rapid pace. Its main characteristic is its focus on small objects, autonomy and mobility. This economical project breaks away from the current trend of heavy, costly technologies. It could become a long-term endeavour with a sustainable development approach. It raises numerous questions and, most significantly, offers numerous possibilities for its future users. New consumer and public-spirited uses can arise from this LoRa technology.

These are explored through two medium-scope projects:

  1. Black Boxes by Fabien Zocco
  2. Eden by Olga Kisseleva.

Pour en savoir plus sur LoRa
Pour en savoir plus sur LoRa

Topic 2 - The materiality of the network: making it tangible for all users

The telecommunications network is something we feel familiar with, despite the fact that it remains abstract for most of us. The project aims to examine this network like a physical entity, an organic network, a nervous system, and to report on its multifaceted nature and capillarity.
The artist will be able to call on the support of Orange Labs personnel in possible areas such as:    

  • the mapping of underwater cables
  • network sites such as data centres, the cable ships of Orange Marine, switching facilities, urban wireways, mobile antennas, etc.

  1. The Large-scope Digital Native project of Agnès de Cayeux will explore this topic.