Viewpoint of an Orange employee

The Orange Art Factory proposes collaboration between artists and Group employees, who bring their know-how and viewpoint. We interviewed Laurent Chivot, who is taking part in the initiative.

How do feel about participating in the Orange Art Factory?

Laurent Chivot, Head of the Technocentre's anticipation project : I'm very enthusiastic about it. I've been getting familiar with LoRa and working with it for a year and a half. This technology is often presented as being linked to inter-company exchanges (BtoB). Personally, I'm convinced that LoRa is not limited to that and could certainly be used for consumer services (BtoC).
In addition to my conviction concerning the numerous possibilities offered by LoRa, I'm delighted to be working with artists. They are not mainstream colleagues! They don't see the technologies we offer them from a "use and service" slant, but through their own vision of the world, which is different. I'm particularly interested in knowing what the LoRa technology brings up in them, through the prism of their experience.

What does LoRa represent for you?

LC : I want to nurture that conviction by showing that, if we place technology in the hands of artists, they will materialise it in a different way. LoRa is like any other networks. It is designed to cater to a multitude of consumer uses and services. For example, through LoRa, with the project of the artist Olga Kisseleva, trees are going to speak to one another!

What do you expect from this collaboration?

LC : It will open new horizons for me. The interactions I will have with the artists will give me a broader, fresher outlook. It will be a form of cross-fertilisation.