Our brand is also evolving to focus on the essentials in Senegal

On March 14, the Orange brand evolved in Senegal to support its new ambition: enabling all its customers to enjoy an unrivalled experience by connecting them to their essentials. Orange therefore wants to be an essential and useful part of everyone's lives, further strengthening their close connections.

Bandeau Sénégal

In 20 years, the world has changed considerably and digital social networks have never been as important. Created in 1994 in a pre-digital world, the Orange brand is now present in 28 countries and serves 263 million customers, with over 8.5 million in Senegal.

Brand identity centered around customer essentials

In Senegal as well, six essential topics in our customers’ lives have been identified. They make it possible to organize Orange's offers, products and services around clearer, more consistent areas: great deals, security, fun, connectivity, family, work, service and money.

Our logo, with its unique design, recognizable worldwide and representing our values, is not changing. Orange is opening up a new means of communication and showing that it always listens to what really counts for its customers through a system of blocks and cutouts that represent customers' needs and Orange's responses.

The new elements that will further strengthen Orange's brand identity also include an audio identity, with modern music against a traditional Senegalese backdrop with instruments representing its national culture (kora, tama, percussion).

Leading position further strengthened in Senegal

Orange is maintaining its strong commercial position in Senegal thanks to its dynamic growth in new business, its major investments and its improvements in operational excellence and customer relations, despite an increasingly difficult competitive and regulatory environment.

The good commercial development achieved with the Orange Money business, with a new organization rolled out to establish an electronic money issuer activity in Senegal, and the significant increase in mobile data use and value-added services have made it possible to support the business.

In 2015, Sonatel also rolled out its Customer Experience plan, its various certification processes, its adoption of a strong customer culture and its technical and commercial transformation projects.

Lastly, confirming its socially responsible commitments, Orange Sonatel has launched major CSR initiatives and remains firmly focused on contributing towards the emergence of the digital economy through the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP), while further strengthening its partnership with the ICT ecosystem.

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