Digitalizing yourself!

How could Orange support its retail and business customers with their digital transition if the Group was not moving forward with its own transformation and that of its employees? Corinne Poupet-Louvès, Head of HR for the Orange Group, looks at some of the key programs for the Group’s internal transformation.

Digital and human company

Orange’s internal transformation is a strategic pillar on its own. The benefits of this digital transformation are already being seen: in the 2016 eCAC40 rankings, which assess five criteria including one focused on the digital culture of employees and managers, Orange is the second most digitally mature company.
How are we developing this internal education on the digital transformation? First of all, by applying the principles we have rolled out externally for ourselves. “Within Human Resources, we have adopted the employee experience concept”, explains Corinne Poupet-Louvès, Group Head of HR, “in the same way that sales teams talk about their customer experience”. This translates into one ambition: offering Orange employees an experience based on what is essential for them.

Long-term initiative

Since 2013, Orange has launched the Digital Leadership Inside program, which aims to accelerate the Group’s digitalization by raising awareness, providing training and rolling out equipment. “The aim is to promote new working practices, introduce groundbreaking forms of training and management, take digital tools on board…For instance, we are developing new workspaces that are focused on the strength of the collective and enable employees to organize their professional and personal projects more freely”.
In terms of training, Orange set up the Digital Academy in 2014, enabling each employee to gain a core foundation of digital knowledge. Working at their own pace, each employee is following the “Digital for All” program, based primarily on online content.
More than 91,000 digital passports have already been issued to the Group’s employees following this training program, highlighting its success.

Corinne Poupet-Louvès, HR Group's network Director
Corinne Poupet-Louvès, HR Group's network Director

Transitioning to a software company

“Just like we are encouraging our customers to embrace digital practices to live a fulfilled life in tomorrow’s world, we believe that all our employees can benefit hugely from being in day-to-day contact with fundamental digital practices, whatever their profession”.
To further strengthen its internal digital culture, Orange aims to double its numbers of software engineers and developers within three years. The Group has a strong focus on training for current employees: a major program will enable 5,000 employees to be trained up on how to integrate code into their day-to-day work.
This internal cultural transition is moving forward with a consultation-based approach. Illustrating this, the Group signed a “digital workplace” agreement with its three main union organizations on September 27, 2016. The first agreement of its kind, it will lay the foundations for the Group’s digital transformation.
“With this agreement, a self-assessment tool will soon be available to all employees to evaluate their understanding of digital technology”, confirms Corinne Poupet-Louvès.

Walking the walk!

At Orange, the best individuals always lead the way! Certain employees with advanced digital skills are becoming ambassadors for digital education in general. Through the Digital Centers, Solidarity FabLabs or programs like SuperCoders, they are sharing their knowledge and getting involved to help certain target stakeholders to understand and take on board new digital uses. Because digital technology must not become a new form of exclusion, but essentially an opportunity for development, professionally or personally!