Orange in Europe - ‘an infinitely personalised digital life’

The ability to connect customers to services, across fixed or mobile networks, has made Orange Europe’s biggest convergent operator and the demand from consumers to help them connect more and more services, in ever simpler ways, reflects our core strategy.


An event was held in London to communicate how Orange’s convergence strategy is delivering on what consumers’ want for their digital lives, which is increasingly tailored to their needs and offers growing possibilities, as operators such as Orange expand our service offering.

The event saw Gervais Pellissier, Deputy CEO and Executive Director in charge of European operations provide an update on the European landscape, discussing the changing digital consumption, service adoption, convergence and the transformation of Telcos. Jean-François Fallacher, CEO Orange Poland, and Liudmila Climoc, CEO Orange Romania also spoke at the event, discussing new opportunities and services for consumers across their markets.

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Europe Day (Nov. 3rd. 2016), Gervais Pellissier's Presentation

Europe Day (Nov. 3rd. 2016), Liudmila Climoc's Presentation

Europe Day (Nov. 3rd. 2016), Jean-François Fallacher's Presentation