Orange Developer Challenge 2016: innovate faster together

With the Orange Developer Challenge, Orange and its partners organised a hackathon the 28th and 29th of November.  The challenge for the participants: elaborate a prototype or a service from the industrial use cases of Air Liquide and EDF.

The Orange Developer Challenge took place from the 28th to the 29th of November in Chatillon within Orange Gardens, around the theme of “Industry 4.0”.  It is the opportunity for developers, designers and entrepreneurs to work on concrete projects whilst relying, amongst others, on a selection of APIs (Applicative Programming Interface) from Orange.  It’s in a context of the digital transformation of industry and the research by Orange for innovative solutions and services for its customers and partners, that this event is taking place.

Industry 4.0 is the name allowing for the designation of digital transformation: this transformation has already started and we are starting to see the first fruits, such as e-commerce and connected objects that allow companies to develop a rich and engaging customer relationship.  Companies’ needs in terms of digitalisation push inevitably actors in the sector to innovate more.

This event is part and parcel of the open innovation process endorsed by Orange and the majority of the large French companies.  Creating the synergies between all the actors of the connected industry and reinforcing the links between Orange and the developers’ communities to favorise and accelerate the development of emerging solutions for the companies that are customers and partners of Orange.

Discover the winners in video [fr]