Orange Opéra: taking the digital experience in store

Orange is inaugurating Orange Opéra, its new shop designed to revolutionize the experience for brand's customers. This space, a gateway between the physical and digital worlds, highlights Orange's desire to eliminate the boundaries between these two channels.

Customer experience at the heart of Orange's strategy

Looking ahead to 2020, Orange has set itself a clear goal: developing a customer experience that is aligned with the essential needs of each of its customers. This commitment will guide the Group as it rethinks how it approaches its activities, centering them around its customers' experience and uses. To achieve this, Orange is developing a stronger program to listen to customers, making it possible to build “bespoke” solutions together.
This approach is built around:

  • a simple customer journey,
  • a limited number of intermediaries,
  • a strong focus on all the key moments in interactions with customers.

More than technology, Orange wants to offer its customers an end-to-end service.

Points of sale going digital

Digital technologies have significantly changed the relationship between businesses and customers:

  • they are ramping up interactions with brands,
  • the consumption of content is continuing to accelerate as mobile is adopted,
  • social media is becoming channels for conversation with brands,
  • Big Data is making it possible to offer increasingly personalized services aligned with each individual's needs.

While they are revolutionizing the connected customer experience, these technologies are also having a visible impact on the in-store experience for customers. This effective fit between complementary physical and digital channels is being rolled out with Orange’s shops.

Smarter stores

Orange is developing a network of Mega Stores, positioning human contact at the heart of the customer relationship and bringing all the benefits of digital technology on board, in line with the goal to offer an unrivalled experience for its customers. This concept will be ramped up: 20% of Orange stores will become Smart Stores by 2018 in Europe.

Among them, a unique project of its kind opened in Paris in the Opera district. This iconic boutique, "Orange Opera" combines a physical welcome for customers with the benefits of digital technology in terms of services and customization:

  • the store of nearly 2000m² is focused to the uses and organized by worlds on four levels,
  • more than 800 products and services are presented,
  • the customer journey offers advice, demonstrations and services,
  • its multi-skilled teams are focused on providing advice and support,
  • smart data shared between the Group's physical and digital channels enables advisors to have a history for each Orange customer and offer them best-fit services,
  • workshops, exhibitions, events and artists succeed it into a still lively place.

Discover this new space from November 8, 2016