Living and learning in a digital world

97% of teaching professionals believe that digital tools improve the pedagogical quality of their teaching (1) and 75% of French businesses have already trialed e-learning at least once (2). Digital technology is driving deep changes in how individuals relate to the world and learning, whatever their age or background. To evolve in this changing world with total confidence, it is vital to take its new codes on board.

s a responsible digital operator, Orange is committed to thinking about its consequences in terms of our lives, our society and the individuals within it. The Digital Society Forum, a collaborative platform launched by the Group, is exploring the educational potential of new technologies, as well as their cognitive and societal impacts, thanks to insights from experts - sociologists, academics, representatives from civil society, etc. - with a view to identifying best practices in this area.

Developing educational solutions

Orange is developing innovative educational tools with the French national education system as well as all the other stakeholders involved in training. For instance, a digital school solution designed by Orange Business Services enables people to access schoolbooks in digital format, selected news and information sites, online exercises, etc.
Alongside this, Orange has set up Solerni, a Digital Learning Agency specialized in designing, developing and distributing digital continuous training programs for businesses supported by collaborative learning social media. “Learners are not alone faced with an online course. They follow an educational pathway that is based in particular on activities (learning by doing) and interaction with their peers”, explains Thierry Curiale, head of Orange's Open Social Learning program.

Assimilating the codes of the digital world

However, digital education also covers a much broader concept, supporting each individual to live well in a digital world and master its codes in order to play an active role in it.
This ambition is naturally reflected in support for the digital transition internally; by raising young people’s awareness of coding and robotics with #SuperCoders workshops; by supporting the Orange Foundation’s programs such as the Solidarity FabLabs and Digital Centers, which offer new opportunities for certain excluded profiles to integrate again.

To ensure that digital technology is never an obstacle, but an opportunity for personal development, Orange is helping each individual to assimilate the codes of a digital world, while exploring the educational potential of technologies so that they can be distributed and benefit new ways of learning.

(1) IPSOS, Eurydice, 2011
(2) Institut Supérieur des Technologies de la Formation, 2014