Orange is supporting International Day of the Girl Child

The fourth International Day of the Girl Child, organized by UN Women, will be taking place on October 11. An opportunity to highlight the global movement working towards a world free from discrimination against girls and young women.

This year's day is focused on adolescent girls and the Sustainable Development Goals, which set out a series of goals - including gender equality - to be achieved internationally by 2030.

Adolescent girls are a particularly vulnerable demographic group and face various social, economic and political obstacles. While they have the potential to become future leaders and agents for change, their growing independence is sometimes held back by factors such as unplanned pregnancies, early and forced marriages, gender-based violence and limited access to higher education and reproductive health services.

From the outset, in all the countries in which it operates, Orange has been committed to promoting women, the lifeblood of society, in all areas.
Convinced that gender diversity, in all functions and at all levels within the company, helps ensure economic performance and fairness, the Group has established gender equality in the workplace as one of its strategic priorities, and has been rolling out a number of programs to drive progress in this area for several years.

These programs, set out in detail in a fourth agreement signed in June 2014, are organized around four key areas:

  • Promoting the balanced representation of women and men in all of the Group's professions, particularly in technical areas.
  • Ensuring fair access for women and men to senior positions and their representation in proportion to their presence in the company.
  • Establishing fair pay.
  • Putting in place the conditions to maintain a work-home life balance.

For its part, the Orange Foundation is rolling out several programs for girls and young women in Europe and Africa. Many of these actions are helping girls to become more independent through several health and education programs.

Orange Villages in Africa without which girls in these remote regions would not have access to schooling and basic healthcare.
Actions for maternal and infant health in Africa: prevention of gynecological diseases, care for young women and babies.
Digital Centers: 94 new Digital Centers this year to help develop the professional and financial independence of nearly 8,000 unqualified and unemployed women in Europe and Africa: six months of training with digital tools and educational content (tailored to women's needs), with support from Orange volunteers.