Digital technology: a driver of local development in Spain

In Spain, Orange is uniting with the city of Santander and EOI, Spain’s School of Industrial Organization, to support the Sé digital program and promote digital technology as a driver of local development.

The “Be Digital” program [Sé digital] will support some 10,500 people across Spain in applying new technologies to develop and revitalize their businesses.

Representatives from the Municipality of Santander, together with the prestigious EOI business school [Escuela de Organización Industrial] and Orange Spain, have just announced the launch of the third phase of the “Be Digital” public training program, which aims to use digital tools to stimulate entrepreneurship development and maintain the Cantabrian capital’s status as an attractive destination.

By launching this initiative, the three stakeholders plan to work together to develop economic activity, improve competitiveness within the local economy, help those looking to expand their business, and play a role in the changes produced by digital technology in their towns and cities.

Digital technology provides additional revenue growth drivers, although users often require further training on best practices in order to make the most of these new tools. The “Be Digital” program is perfectly tailored to these expectations.
The Santander authorities therefore had no hesitation in heading up the program, inviting all those interested to register on the dedicated portal before September 6.

The training is set to finish on October 23, but participants will be able to join the program until two weeks before its conclusion.

This training, which develops skills such as how to make better use of digital communication tools and how to gain access to potential customers more easily, is particularly suited to retailers and SMEs, as it gives them the chance, for example, to set up virtual storefronts in order to improve self-promotion. It’s therefore easy to see how this program will benefit the local economy.

Orange Spain’s involvement in this program demonstrates the operator’s commitment to being a major player in economic development, innovation, employment, and regional revitalization. It is essential that digital technology is made available for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Be Digital” is a program promoted by the EOI in collaboration with Orange to support the digital transformation of businesses and local authorities.

This program forms part of the events planned to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the School of Industrial Organization, the oldest business school in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. Moreover, the Spanish Government has declared it an “event of exceptional public interest” (AEIP).

As such, throughout 2015 and 2016, a number of multidisciplinary events will analyze, among other subjects, the transformation processes and the opportunities created for businesses by the digital revolution..