The Orange Foundation again supports responsible use of digital media by the very young in Slovakia

On September 5, 2016, the Orange Foundation (“Nadácia Orange”) again launched its grant program for tomorrow’s digital schools (“e-Škola pre budúcnosť”) in Bratislava. For the third year, the program is highlighting the dangers linked to use of digital media. The Foundation will award a total of EUR 50,000 to support the most interesting projects presented by active teachers and NGOs.

Image The Orange Foundation again supports responsible use of digital media by the very young in Slovakia

The Orange Foundation’s grant program is a response to current digital communications tendencies. While digital media have become a pillar for current activities and are a helpful tool for today’s children and youth, young people are also those most exposed to the risks of digital dependence and cyber-intimidation. The goal of the grant program for tomorrow’s digital schools is to support elementary and secondary school projects that promote instruction on sensible and responsible use of digital media.

Practical exercises and textbooks

Any active teacher or NGO may apply for a grant by submitting a project:

  • that uses an original approach to teach students how to use new communications technologies responsibly,
  • or comprising formal and informal courses and practical exercises designed for teachers or students,
  • or designed to create a collaborative network between schools, parents of students, and the local community,
  • or featuring publications of new textbooks and educational tools.

Thousands of euros allocated to good ideas

A total of EUR 50,000 will be distributed under this program to the most interesting projects. The Foundation’s grant program is open to candidates between September 2, 2016 and October 5, 2016. Projects can only be submitted to the following dedicated online platform The results will be published on November 4, 2016, on the website, where all the information is available.

A good servant but a bad master

In this online age, digital technologies are a daily reality for children. In addition, lack of access to the Internet is now synonymous with social exclusion. Nevertheless, danger lurks behind every one of the innumerable opportunities offered by the online world. To address this issue, Orange Slovakia has created the special website to guide the public through the digital universe, and provide information designed to promote responsible and secure use of digital media. This website will provide teachers and parents of students with useful advice via practical examples and information on how to help one’s children in given situations. The site also provides information on the progress of free practical exercises, which are directed by a committed professional of the Children Online (“Deti na nete”) program, and by the pediatric psychologist Mária Tóthová Šimčáková and her team of psychologists, who have helped Orange address this topic since 2008. They have already trained more than 35,000 students, teachers, and parents of students throughout Slovakia, providing precious advice on how to use the new media responsibly and in complete security.