There are already 10 Smart Stores in Romania!

The customer experience transformation in Romania is just around the corner. In fact, after opening its first Smart Store in Cluj Napoca in March 2015, Orange just now inaugurated the tenth of its next-generation stores across the country in the city of Galați.

Déjà 10 Smart Stores en Roumanie !

Our entirely redefined space that focuses on the digitalization and personalization of our service offer, guiding customers toward the familiar environments they experience every day: home, work, family, leisure… This allows them to better discover the advantages offered to them by digitalization, and better choose the services most suited to them.
In addition, our new stores also feature express care centers that diagnose customer devices and potentially repair them on the spot.

What is a Smart Store?

It is a revolutionary store concept boasting an unprecedented omnipresence of digitalization and personalized telecommunications services, in order to guarantee all our customers unparalleled  experience as promised this past March 17 with the launch of Essentials2020, the Group’s new strategic plan.