On holiday, stay as connected as you like

Getting away from the daily grind, work and worries – holidays can be the perfect time to put down the devices. But on the other hand, they can also be a chance to connect in other ways and try out new things. So this summer, it’s about staying connected… in moderation!

Never without your mobile?

Do you unplug or stay connected? This is the dilemma most of us face during the summer holidays. Paradoxically, in France, 83% say they want to slow down and disconnect from digital overload during the holidays, however 92% end up slipping at least one connected device into their luggage (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Smartphones are the most essential travel companion for 76% of Americans, 85% of Argentinians and 96% of Russians, even before their toothbrush, deodorant or driving licence. Accessing the internet and mobile apps is equally a criterion for choosing where to go for more than half of Australians.

Staying connected during the journey

Some of us struggle to “switch off” and leave the office behind us. According to the 2015 Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index, a study conducted in 19 countries around the world, nearly a quarter of tourists buy in-flight Wi-Fi for working on the plane. People from Hong Kong (53%), China (42%) and Taiwan (40%) are among the most connected.

A good connection is the key to a good journey. 78% of French people say that a good connection during their trip enables them to enjoy their holiday better: finding the best route, avoiding traffic jams, accessing tourist information… and feeling reassured too: a connection is useful if there’s a problem on the way. It’s why, in France, the Orange 3G and 4G network covers motorways and railways. 5 motorways and 5 TGV routes are now covered by Orange 4G.

From the mountains to the sea, what are we doing with it?

Once we get to our destination, we want to be able to access information from anywhere. In the USA, the top 5 apps used on holiday are social media apps, messaging, geolocation, travel and music.

We also want to stay connected to our loved ones. For this, we still prefer to make calls and send text messages: 61% of French send texts while 58% prefer to call.


We share more photos and videos via messaging apps and social media when we’re on holiday. A 2015 Facebook study in 22 countries in the Northern hemisphere showed a sharp increase in traffic during the summer, with a 26% increase in posted content and 43% increase in videos between May and September. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are among the most popular social networks used during the holidays.


Some tourists also take advantage of digital technology to enrich their cultural visits during the summer thanks to the increasing number of museum apps available all over the world.

There is no doubt that all of these uses are particularly popular in Europe this summer thanks to the end of roaming charges on the continent.