Vacation or culture brought to you by smartphone

This summer, connect differently with the cultural apps and enjoy digital to enrich your trips on the French roads or elsewhere.

Between swimming, siestas, hikes and discoveries of all kinds, vacations are an excellent opportunity to learn by discovering museums, exhibitions, shows, monuments and more, all using your smartphone!

Cultural immersion on the French roads

Have you planned to discover the cultural wealth of France? Your smartphone will be a favored road companion, particularly in Brittany where the telecommunications park Cité des Télécoms is organizing an innovative exhibition dedicated to important space conquests. A visit itinerary based on Li-Fi technology (high-speed connection through light) allows you to use geolocation in the museum using your cell phone and to obtain additional documentary resources (audio and visual commentaries, etc.) on the spaces visited.

You could also pay a visit to the Musée Courbet in Franche-Comté, which offers an immersive experience of the famous painting “The Painter’s Studio” thanks to augmented reality. A console equipped with two digital tablets enables you to “enter” this recently restored painting and to discover its secrets and its characters. The museum also provides visitors with a three-dimensional immersion experience in the studio of Courbet through virtual reality helmets.

Outside, the Palace of Versailles offers its visitors a chance to discover its gardens in another way via the application Gardens of Versailles. Thanks to geolocation, you can locate yourself immediately, have a view of the entire gardens and access content that is also geolocalized. Augmented reality will enable you to access information overlaying the image filmed by the smartphone.

Culture without Borders

If you go to the United States to visit the “Big Apple”, do not miss New York’s Brooklyn Museum and its ASK mobile application. Through this app, you’ll be able to ask questions about works you see in the museum and receive a response within seconds via a text message from the mediation team. The success of this “pocket curator” is an additional opportunity for the museum. It can in fact get a better understanding of which works attract interest from its visitors by analyzing data from the application and developing its exhibitions accordingly.

If you are more tempted by the Mediterranean and Tunisia, then the official application for the Bardo Museum in Tunis, created in partnership with Orange Tunisia, offers a way to discover the works of this museum – a symbol of Tunisian heritage. It gives access to complete records on the works, audio commentary from the curators, and slide shows presenting the main excavation sites. A junior route enables children to learn while having fun. Orange Tunisia is already deeply involved in the digital uses aimed at enhancing the riches of Tunisian culture, in particular through “Tunisie Passion”, the first mobile application for the promotion of cultural tourism in the country.

And if long-haul travel is not on your summer schedule, you can still visit more than 1,000 museums in 70 different countries through Google’s Arts & Culture application. On the platform, you can launch an unlimited number of searches, consult the thematic areas and also zoom in on all paintings listed or go on visits via 360 degree video.

Advice to art lovers: don’t miss the MOOC this fall!

Did you miss the cultural MOOC “A brief history of art” offered by the RMN Grand Palais and Orange this summer? Another MOOC, created in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou and focusing on modern and contemporary art, will be available free of charge on the portal Solerni next October.