5G – a mobile revolution of the future

Orange helps you to better understand the challenges of 5G.

The term “5G" describes a range of technical advances designed for mobile networks so they can carry more data traffic than at present, at great speeds, with very high reliability while connecting myriads of devices.

The extra capacity is needed for two reasons. The first is our growing expectation that we should be able to do all the things we normally do on home or office computers while we are out and about. This requires vastly more connections to the cloud and, when these are added to the growing demand for HD-quality video streaming, eventually even 4G systems will struggle to cope.

At the same time, emerging services and technologies within the “Internet of things” – self-driving cars and aerial delivery drones for example - will place huge demands on networks and so function much better with a more capable infrastructure. Other cutting-edge activities will also benefit, such as “smart-city” services, e-health and farming. What all these uses have in common is the need to connect very large constellations of varied mobile devices – but with levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, efficiency and security that are currently beyond the means of the available mobile networks.

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