Orange Cinema Series: all of HBO for your eyes only

Orange Cinema Series (OCS) holds exclusivity for HBO’s programs and series catalogue through the renewal of its partnership with the American channel. And on July 16 it’s only on OCS that you can be gripped by Season 7 of Game of Thrones (GoT)!

OCS is HBO in France!

Partners for more than ten years, OCS and HBO are cementing their links with an exclusivity contract that allows the Orange network to be the sole distributor of the American channel in France.

Game of Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Girls, The Sopranos, etc. The extraordinary richness of the HBO program catalog is thus falling into the hands of OCS. “Nearly
ten years ago we were the first in the world to sign a partnership with HBO, through which we committed to broadcast all the channel’s programs”, recalls Guillaume Jouhet, Managing Director of OCS. “Our excellent relationship now allows us to go further: we’re adopting the ‘Home of HBO’ model, which guarantees us exclusivity.”

Before the end of the year, when migration of programs onto the French platform is complete, OCS will provide permanent access to all of the channel’s productions through S-VOD on OCS Go. Subscribers will have access to a dedicated space for series and other HBO programs.

Ready to GoT?

Thanks to this new phase of the partnership, OCS notably becomes the sole distributor in France of the Game of Thrones series. And the highly anticipated first episode of Season 7 will be offered on July 16, at the same time as in the United States. “Not only will French viewers find out what happens next on Game of Thrones in HD, at the same time as American fans, but they will also have a choice between the original version and the French version. This multilingual offering is another important new feature this year.”

The cementing of agreements between HBO and Orange contributes to the enhancement of the overall OCS program offering. With one goal: to continuously improve subscribers’ TV experience, whether in the field of cinema, series, entertainment, or youth.