5G : More than just connectivity

Orange helps you to better understand the challenges of 5G.

5G will provide more than just connectivity. This technology will allow mobile networks to carry more data traffic, at greater speeds, with more reliability while connecting a myriad of devices to the Internet.

For an easier understanding of the opportunities of 5G, Orange’s Innovation, Marketing & Technologies (IMT) Division explains the characteristics and applications of 5G:




The European institutions also took initiatives to promote the 5G deployment across Europe. In May 2016, the European Commission presented its proposal “5G for Europe: an action plan”. Among various measures, the Commission intends to harmonise 5G deployment across all European Member States, and to coordinate the availability of the new spectrum bands. On June 1st, the European Parliament also adopted a resolution on “Internet connectivity for growth, competitiveness and cohesion: European gigabit society and 5G”. It calls for an investment-friendly regulatory environment, a coherent spectrum strategy and acceleration of 5G standardisation efforts.