A new film coproduced by Orange Poland

"The Art of Loving" tells the story of Michalina Wisłocka, a respected gynecologist and author of the book "Sztuka Kochania" (The Art of Loving), a Polish bestseller. The film follows her through the three stages of her life that led her to write and publish her book.

It is the 40th film coproduced by Orange Poland, and the 2nd jointly with Watchout Productions, which produced the film "Les Dieux" (The Gods). Scheduled for theater release in Poland from January 27, 2017.

"The Art of Loving" takes a unique look at the life of Michalina Wisłocka. The film begins in her youth: we meet a young 20-year-old woman, irresponsible and innocent, and share her first loves, friendships, disappointments and sorrows.

We then find her as an adult: an increasingly experienced gynecologist thanks to her approach to her patients.

The heroine then undergoes an astonishing transformation. We see a respected physician who now wants to write a guide to love, and her fight to publish it. The book ended up selling seven million copies in Poland.
In this movie directed by Maria Sadowska, Polish actress Magdalena Boczarska plays the main character.

Orange and cinema

Orange has been a leading player in motion pictures and coproduction for many years.
Through Orange Studio, an Orange Group subsidiary has been focusing on coproducing films and acquiring catalogues since 2007 (The Artist, Timbuktu, The Little Prince, and recently Roommates Wanted (Adopte un Veuf) and Cézanne and I). The studio, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017, has financed more than one hundred films (about 15 a year) and holds the rights to some 1,200 titles, including 600 audiovisual works from numerous catalogues. Similarly, Orange Polska has been focusing on cinematic coproductions for nine years. To date, 34 feature-length films and 6 documentaries have been released in theaters and have been seen by over 17 million people.


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