Discover the 8 gems of the Digital Impact

On the lookout for creative and innovative solutions with a significant social impact, Orange and its partner La Ruche launched Digital Impact in December 2016. This call for projects received over 130 applications in its first year. Focused on “TechForGood” start-ups, Digital Impact aims to unearth solutions combining digital innovation and a social and societal impact. Orange got associated with La Ruche and joined forces with its partners Microsoft BizSpark, the INSEEC group, the Rexel foundation and Web force 3, in order to unearth these gems and to accompany them in their incubation.

During Digital Impact's Grand Finale, which was held on 3 March, the jury had to select #TechForGood gems that will boost regions in 2017

As part of Digital Impact, there is a 10 month support initiative that will start on 15 March. The #TechForGood gems will be able to consolidate their project and develop their company through:

  • Privileged access to a ‘Ruche’, a collaborative work area specialising in positive entrepreneurship or a local partner work area. The winners will therefore be able to join a diverse ecosystem to expand their network and speed up their development.
  • An incubation programme provided by La Social Factory and its partners Orange, Microsoft BizSpark, the INSEEC group and also the Rexel foundation. These gems will be able to learn about practices linked to digital technology, in order to significantly increase their impact and expand their company, speed up their project by experimenting in business development and therefore consolidate their financial model and over time strengthen their leadership,

With this call for projects, Orange continues with its commitment to making digital technology a source of progress by supporting the economic and social development of regions. It gives a new dimension to the partnership formed between Orange and La Ruche 3 years ago to develop social entrepreneurship in France, which has allowed La Ruche to operate today in 5 locations: Paris Denfert, Paris Canal, Montreuil, Marseille and Bordeaux.

The partnership with La Ruche is one of the many programmes that Orange operates to encourage sustainable synergies with “fledgling entrepreneurs” for both digital and social purposes. A dynamic which is spreading across all regions, with consistent and complementary initiatives to find, support and promote new talents.

Check out the 8 winning #TechForGood gems

Western region: elderly people suffering from falls is a well-known problem: over the past 30 years, 77% of people who have fallen over and been unable to get back up for over an hour have lost their autonomy.  The SmartPantoufles solution is made up of a connected sole put in a slipper or shoe which detects a fall and raises the alarm with relatives through a call or SMS.

South-eastern region: Ublane offers a platform which links up commercial space landlords (ublaner) and potential tenants (shiner). Based on the participative economy. The platform will make it easier to rent a pop-up store. The pop-up store will be a service provided in the city centre, encouraging economic vitality.

South-eastern region: the aim of Vertuose is to become the top e-commerce site dedicated to products from recycling and the circular economy. The site guides consumers who want to give or identify their products and raise public awareness about responsible consumption in order to make this type of responsible consumption more widespread.

South-western region: many seriously disabled people cannot perform simple day-to-day tasks: turning on the TV and changing channel, using a mobile phone, turning on the lights... Hello!Tiger offers technological objects which are simple to use and can be adapted to different disabilities with a fun design.

South-western region: Alilo offers 2 online applications: “” and “Cagette Pro” which help organise sales based on the principle of pre-ordering. In order to allow manufacturers to become completely independent in their sales, Alilo trains them in how to use this tool effectively.

Central region: a tailor-made cookery advisor, Mmmh! gives the consumer the keys to make the right choices on a daily basis, and to provide direct tailor-made responses to any food questions.

North-eastern region:  Borne To Recycle (Green Minded) GreenMinded installs Borne to Recycle (Recycling bins for cigarette butts) in urban communities and companies’ smoking areas. In addition to collecting cigarette butts, as each bin is associated with a question with two options, GreenMinded also collects survey responses..

Central region: Avec Plaisir is an online and mobile community platform aimed at those who are intolerant to gluten, lactose... and is also open to their friends. Through the user profile, Avec Plaisir recommends restaurants where they can eat safely, with their friends, without having to worry about what’s on their plate.