My Orange, the application that simplifies and enriches your Orange services

Customer experience is a main priority for Orange, in order to offer consumers greater flexibility. That’s why thanks to My Orange customers can benefit from simple and effective account management and an even more personalized relationship.

Simple and efficient management of Orange services

Are you looking to manage your Internet and mobile offers from a smartphone, tablet or PC more easily? Nothing could be simpler with My Orange. Thanks to this mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it’s now possible to:

  • Monitor your phone usage more easily
  • Subscribe to an option from your mobile
  • Consult the support section for assistance
  • Interact with the Orange community

France Heringer-Jallot, Senior VP Quality, Customer Experience and Sales at Orange.
With this application, customers can access the whole of Orange from their pocket, enabling them to manage their services more simply and efficiently.
France Heringer-Jallot, Senior VP Quality, Customer Experience and Sales at Orange.

A better customer experience means being able to ask your operator for help at any moment and develop a more personalized relationship. At a time when the vast majority of users are equipped with smartphones and contact brands via mobile Internet, My Orange helps them do everything more easily from their phone and receive help if they need it.  “This app enables a daily relationship with Orange,” summarizes France Heringer-Jallot. “It’s a permanent point of contact and the main entry point.”

Today, the application is available in 23 countries, including 16 in the EMEA region. It is experiencing strong growth: 25% in 2016. 13 million people use the application, half of them in France. 

24/7 support

Need help? My Orange is also a round-the-clock assistant, via Orange customer communities who share help, hints and tips. “Many customer questions revolve around use, and the first reflex is often to look for information online with user communities,” says France Heringer-Jallot. “My Orange offers direct access to these customer communities, a major medium for information.”

Doing everything easily from a mobile, while still receiving support and assistance along the way: My Orange reflects the Orange vision which places people at the heart of its strategy while offering the best that digital can bring them.

Personalizing the customer relationship

My Orange is also an application that aims to constantly improve by getting to know you better. It builds up an understanding of your profile from your account and phone use. The relationship becomes more personal, enabling Orange to offer tailored services according to the context and usage history. If the customer needs help from an adviser, he will already have the customer’s information in front of him. My Orange will also be able to proactively send alerts related to spending or loyalty programs if the customer likes.

Our presentation of the mobile app