Orange Spain is helping to combat humanitarian crises.

Six NGOs have got together in an entirely new initiative to create an Emergencies Committee:
Action against hunger, a Spanish HCR committee, Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam International, International Plan, and Word Vision. This great start in bringing NGOs together seeks to channel resources to humanitarian crises faster and to offer more effective solutions in the field.

Orange Spain is proud to join the Emergencies Committee as a partnering business.
The fact that NGOs are acting in regions prone to humanitarian crises is nothing new, but so many NGOs coming together is a first.

Orange's contribution will enable other entities to make the most of its geographical coverage and reputation, in a bid, above all, to making the donation process easier. Orange will also raise awareness of crisis situations among its customers and its employees and, more broadly, among public authorities.

Other Spanish companies have signed up to the initiative: Atresmedia, Carat, Mediaset, Prisa, Mi grano de arena, Trescom and Atrevia.

The donations sent to the Committee will enable emergency organizations to respond to the most critical situations around the world. The actions that they take in humanitarian crises will depend on their field of expertise: the construction of shelters, safety, food, medical care, access to water, hygiene and sanitation, and psycho-social support.

In this particular case as in many others, Orange's CSR initiative is based on the notion of shared progress: promoting the emergence of solutions that are more inclusive, more sustainable and more collaborative, and introducing new courses for value creation and development for the whole of society.

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