Your customer experience: quite an experience!

Digital technologies are often not enough to make your life easier. For Orange, high quality and reliable technologies must go hand-in-hand with a personal experience whenever you need it.
Whether online or in-store, Orange puts people’s needs at the heart of any customer relationship in order to offer them the best digital services.

But why ... improve the customer experience?

The 2000s marked a turning point: digital technologies started to become part of our daily lives. The fact that these new uses have transformed our habits so profoundly is because they arrived with the promise of simplifying our lives. To help achieve this objective, Orange is committed to improving the digital experience for all customers. Already the Group is the number one operator for 55% of its customers in 17 market segments, and it has set a target to increase this figure to 75% by 2018.

# 1 Better exchange

Everyone wants to interact with their operator in the way they want to – that’s what makes an efficient customer experience. That’s why we provide customers with multiple contact channels including social networks, email, mobile applications and more... The result? Nearly 4 billion digital interactions were recorded between Orange and its customers in 2016.

# 2 Better information

A better customer experience also means having the right information at the right time. Everything from changing your contract, to keeping track of your usage or subscribing to a new service… with ‘Orange et moi’ [My Orange], you can do everything from your mobile, and receive extra help if you need it.

# 3 Better understanding

Our world is becoming more and more connected, digital uses are diversifying and we all want to discover and understand these everyday technologies. This is the mission of each Smart Store. These new generation concept stores offer customers a warm welcome from a trained advisor as they enter the store, along with a full range of personalised digital services and try-out spaces (organised into different areas offering advice, demos, data innovations etc) all in one place. They welcomed nearly 7 million customers in 2016.

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