Orange Bank, a digital and customer-focused bank

They’re called Yvan, Marina, Morgane, Corinne… They’ve been hard at work for several months to offer you a new banking experience that’s more adapted to your needs. Find out more about them!

Yvan Dupressoir, omnichannel customer advisor

Yvan has been working at Orange Bank since October 2016 as an “omnichannel” customer advisor. In direct contact with the customer by chat or phone, he is the first “human” contact with the new 100% mobile bank.

He works in a team of forty advisors, all of whom are trained in finance. For several months he has spent almost half of his time contributing to the Bank’s development: app testing, creating frequently asked questions, building up the artificial intelligence database, developing operational procedures… “We’re always asked for our ideas, it’s new and motivating!”

Since the Bank opened, he helps customers with their Orange Bank transactions via chat.

Our business is evolving because we only get involved after the virtual advisor who answers the most common questions. This means we can offer real value-added advice to customers about their account, new products or how to solve a problem…
Yvan Dupressoir, omnichannel customer advisor

The information is precise and transparent; the tone is simple and user-friendly.

Yvan ensures that the customer’s information remains secure and confidential at all times through tight security procedures. For example, he authenticates the customer right away using his mobile number and, if necessary, a series of specific questions. With his infectious smile, Yvan has only one thing in mind: “High-quality service and customer satisfaction above all! Great team spirit and an innovative project, what more can you ask for?”

Marina Sosniak, head of Orange Bank digital transformation

Marina is in charge of the digital transformation division of Orange Bank along with Audrey Prévost and is responsible for employee experience. She has co-created with and for them a collaborative and friendly work environment.

My role is to promote digital transformation in all its forms, providing employees with services and solutions as well as new ways of working that enable this transformation.
Marina Sosniak, head of Orange Bank digital transformation

When she started, Marina together with Audrey met employees at the Montreuil and Amiens offices to learn more about their uses and needs around the Digital Workplace. 70% of respondents said they wanted more collaborative tools. Marina’s first objective will be to help more people use tools such as digital notepads and instant messaging through employee training.

“In phase two, we’ll also be working with logistics teams to develop new workspaces. Over the longer term, our aim is to change the corporate culture so that it becomes more collective and encourage a more innovative spirit. In short we should all become intrapreneurs!” The division should also become a reference for digital transformation in supporting operational staff, for example through its expertise in the start-up ecosystem, open innovation, APIs, new banking business models and data value-creation.

Morgane Pegna, Orange Bank head of financial security and control

They are sometimes referred to as the “bœufs carottes ” (internal affairs) of the Bank. Morgane and her team contribute to day-to-day operations, the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, and fraud prevention. In fact it’s her sharp eyes that Orange Bank relies on.

Her main role? Monitoring customer transactions and if necessary generating alerts on certain atypical activity: adding a large number of beneficiaries, moving large sums of money… Morgane can stop all transactions on an account pending necessary verifications. Any suspicion of money laundering or terrorism financing is declared to Tracfin, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance agency which can forward files to the public prosecutor’s office for judicial investigation.

We work with all employees. Whether they work in frontline or back office roles, they are aware of how to spot fraud and alert us regularly.
Morgane Pegna, Orange Bank head of financial security and control

Morgane is also responsible for managing IOBSP*, the salespeople in 140 Orange shops authorised to sell banking services. Her objective is to ensure the customer is treated fairly. “Our role is to promote good practice through lots of training and education.” Orange Bank revisits traditional banking codes, which is an opportunity for Morgane to challenge convention and continue to learn. “On the one hand there is regulation, and on the other the experience Orange wants to give its customers. It’s a double requirement, but also a tremendous opportunity to evolve our business.”

Corinne Choppin, Orange Bank head of compliance and control

Corinne heads up a team of six internal controllers who provide ongoing monitoring of banking activities and processes. Her objective is to help manage operational risks identified by the Bank and to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and internal regulation.

We have to meet the obligations of l’ACPR*, the supervisory body in charge of banking and insurance. This means setting up a control system for all of our activities, in particular those that generate risk (eg risk of an error that could have a financial impact for the Bank or the customer, risk to reputation, risk of non-compliance, risk of fraud, risk of money laundering and terrorism financing…).
Corinne Choppin, Orange Bank head of compliance and control

The first level of control is carried out by operational staff and their managers. Corinne and her team ensure second-level control by analysing the results of the operational controls. They also carry out their own independent audits through sampling and may, in case of any non-compliance, request corrective action.

The 100% digital bank presents different risks to those of a traditional bank. For example remote relationships with new customers are more risky than face-to-face in a physical bank. On the other hand, digital controls can be automated rather than performed manually. “Orange Bank uses real-time automated compliance checks (eg BdF file queries, IBAN control…) and this is just the beginning! It effectively enhances security. When registering a customer, for example, all proofs (ID, proof of address etc) are now controlled by a software package that links to other sources and instantly verifies the consistency of the information.”

So that customers can manage their money from their smartphone, with complete freedom and security, compliance and control planning is a big job. Implementation of operational processes and drafting of procedures are ongoing and will continue until the consumer offer is launched. “Orange Bank is a great step forward for the banking world, and an ambitious challenge we’re ready to meet.”

*Intermédiaires en Opération de Banque et Service de Paiements
*Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution