Orange takes 2nd place in the European CSR ranking

The Lundquist CSR Online Awards have just evaluated 254 large European companies for their digital communication in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This year, Orange is ranked in second place. This recognises the Group’s efforts to be transparent and provide information about its societal and environmental responsibilities.

Recognising our CSR commitment

Lundquist has just published the 7th edition of its CSR Online Awards. With a score of 72.75 out of 100, Orange has taken second place in this European ranking, an overall performance the Group is proud of.

The CSR Online Awards assesses the quality (transparency, comprehensiveness, commitment…) of European companies’ digital communication to inform stakeholders and build relationships with them around CSR issues. This ranking is particularly important for Orange, which is highly focused on digital transformation and which has placed these issues at the heart of its strategy. It’s also worth highlighting that Orange jumped 43 places in the ranking compared to 2016!

This ranking by Lundquist – a strategic consultancy specialising in corporate communication and sustainable development – is recognised internationally and supported by international research programmes that measure the effectiveness of a company’s websites and digital channels.

The CSR Online Awards

  • 254 companies evaluated in Europe
  • An average score of 46.8/100 for the top 100 companies (Orange scored 72.75)

Orange achieves its objectives

In its report that accompanies the ranking, Lundquist stressed that in addition to presenting its CSR performance via numerous detailed indicators and its integrated annual report, Orange also strives to involve its customers in major CSR themes through its different themed websites.

The firm also highlighted the Orange Foundation’s Facebook page, which stands out for its ability to generate real commitment among Internet users. This evaluation demonstrates that Orange has achieved its dual objective: to communicate transparently and in detail about its CSR activities and performance, and also to raise awareness of these issues and best practices.

A “different” ranking

In the world of CSR, Lundquist’s CSR Online Awards is well recognised among the many awards given to companies for their commitments and initiatives. Indeed, the firm wants to show a current and up-to-date picture of the relationship created between a company and society by analysing only digital communication, evaluated by 1,850 CSR experts.

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