Digital technology is a major driver for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

In August 2015, 193 countries agreed within the framework of the UN to set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The aim is to promote peace around the world, eliminate poverty, and combat the deterioration of the planet.

17 Sustainable Development Goals for transforming the planet

These new international guidelines were voted and shared by governments, NGOs and businesses. They launch a series of initiatives aimed at implementing the 17 goals. These goals are ambitious: they aim to eradicate poverty, prevent hunger, reduce inequality and protect the planet.

What role should businesses in the digital technology sector play?

Businesses in the telecoms and digital technology sector play an important role in countries’ socio-economic development. The increasing role of digital technology in societal change makes it a powerful driver for achieving the sustainable development goals:

  • the development of Big Data and algorithms is fueling a boom in “smart” technologies that serve human beings (smart city, smart agriculture, etc.);
  • the innovation culture is adding an entrepreneurial momentum;
  • digital technology may enable new reporting systems to be developed on a global scale.

In fact, even before the SDGs were definitively adopted, Orange had proposed indicators for monitoring how they would be put into practice, particularly the use of new technologies. Even though this contribution is “modest” when compared with the magnitude and challenge of this global initiative, it is nonetheless necessary.

In our role as operator, with our history, the expertise of our teams, as well as our capital investments, we are convinced that we can contribute to steering the changes in the world today in a positive direction.
Stéphane Richard (Orange Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

Digital technology can add substantial value in each development area identified via the SDGs. Orange’s mission is clear: it is to make this added value a reality and maximize it

You too can contribute to the SDGs!

In addition to the contributions made by governments and businesses, every one of us can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through individual and group initiatives. This begins with “green” best practices, which help protect the environment, by:

  • using your equipment for as long as possible before replacing it;
  • using your terminals in a reasonable manner;
  • limiting paper printing;
  • managing end-of-life equipment;
  • disconnecting appliances as often as possible, etc.


Do you want to go further? Do you want to create, develop, or ensure the long-term future of a social innovation project? Incubators such as La Ruche, which is partnered by Orange, offer individuals who wish to do so the ability to innovate, as a response to the societal challenges they perceive. Accordingly, project backers can benefit from-co-working spaces and advice from specialists, as well as an introduction to a social entrepreneurial ecosystem, change agents, large groups and public operators.

Let’s give progress for humanity, society, and the earth meaning together!