Discover Hayet Behilil : an Orange Employee

Find out Hayet Behilil's portrait, B2B Key Account Customer Service Manager, at Orange since 2011.

My job at Orange

My mission is to build relationships with large accounts once they have bought and implemented our solutions, and to keep them satisfied. Internally, I also work with sales people, project managers, technical experts, etc. as a type of ‘conductor’, to ensure that the right solution can be deployed. My role has a broad scope!

Hayet Behilil, B2B Key Account Customer Service Manager
Keeping in close contact with my customer and building trust make it possible to establish a true partnership.
Hayet Behilil, B2B Key Account Customer Service Manager

And before?

I have a commercial background. So when I wanted to go ‘to the other side’ and discover the more concrete aspects of deploying Orange solutions while maintaining strong relationships, the role of customer service manager seemed ideal to me.

Above all, a contract based on trust

As the key contact, I establish a relationship built on trust with our customers. I ensure our discussions are smooth and guarantee the overall quality of service that we bring to them. This requires listening to the customer, but also being proactive. Continuously monitoring their solution allows me to anticipate problems and propose relevant solutions. These discussions and this trust allow us to establish a true partnership.

Sharing is key to customer satisfaction

Internally, I can be asked to help before deploying a solution: if it’s already been deployed at another company, we can take advantage of this experience to ensure the success of the project. This collaboration between our technical, commercial, and marketing teams is natural, as we’re all working towards a common goal: deploying an operational solution that meets a customer's expectations.

Measuring real-time customer satisfaction

Beyond formal feedback from random surveys and customer feedback from technical and sales teams, I can feel and assess how happy my customers are when I talk to them directly. It’s much easier for customers when they have a dedicated contact who they can talk to about any potential issues! And it’s obvious they’re happy when they give us new tasks or ask for our advice.