Smile, you're connected!

Find out our special report "Network modernization".

In its study “French people and connected devices”, the research firm OpinionWay reported that 52% of French people are hooked on the internet. In public transport, in the office, in the car… They feel the need to connect to the internet after just a few hours.

To always keep connected, they expect:

  • a good quality connection that meets all their needs,
  • flawless quality of service,
  • increasingly diverse services that can be accessed remotely.


And things are only just getting started. These needs will continue to ramp up with the development of certain trends:

  • on-board infotainment services in connected vehicles (estimates suggest there will be 420 million by 2020),
  • development of quantified self,
  • business applications that can be accessed remotely, offering a growing range of information, in real time.


Impacted by these new uses, global web traffic is growing very quickly: it is expected to climb from 0.9 to 1.6 zettabytes between 2015 and 2018. Fully aware of the stakes involved, Orange is positioning network modernization as a strategic priority. Major investments are moving forward to ensure quality connectivity both nationally and internationally, while optimizing the customer experience through advanced innovations. In total, over 15 billion euros will be invested in the Group's networks by 2018.