All-IP: like TV, phones are switching to the digital network

The switched telephone network (STN), also known as the copper network, is at the heart of one of Orange's most ambitious modernization projects. The STN has historically carried fixed telephony services, but will gradually migrate to the all-IP network, optimizing the quality of service provided.

The internet protocol (IP) is a data transmission technology based on a universal standard, enabling it to be used worldwide. This technology is particularly well-suited for new digital uses, as highlighted by Jehanne Savi, Orange all-IP Program Director: “With the transition to all-IP, we are looking forward to a totally new digital age”.

Switching from traditional telephony to all-IP enables all data types to be transmitted on the same network and facilitates the adoption of the same language across all communications channels, ensuring freedom from time, place or device constraints. “With all-IP, we will be able to deliver a better quality of service for all our customers and offer them all our connectivity solutions without exception”, explains Jehanne Savi.


With the transition to all-IP, we are looking forward to a totally new digital age.
Jehanne Savi, Orange all-IP Program Director.


With all-IP, new services are being added to telephony such as videoconferencing, photo or document sharing, speech-to-text transcription or simultaneous translation. Its users can also benefit from the entire range of connectivity solutions: all-IP ensures that services can operate under optimum conditions, with both fixed and mobile access.


Why adopt all-IP?

All-IP offers benefits for both general consumers and businesses. It supports continuous mobile-fixed communication, offers dynamic communication management depending on the device used, enables diaries or address books to be shared in real time... “All-IP feeds users' expectations for seamless connectivity”, sums up Jehanne Savi. For operators, it also guarantees access to a more scalable, more flexible and more energy efficient network.


All-IP: an essential transition

The switched telephone network (STN) is Orange's legacy network used by most operators, making it possible to carry fixed telephony communications. To optimize the services provided for its customers, Orange is migrating to all-IP. In 2015, Orange already had 11 million customers with all-IP access in France.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Group has been trialing the transition from STN fixed telephony to IP fixed telephony in 14 communes across the Finistère region, with this area chosen because it effectively represents both its consumer and commercial customer base.

Over the longer term, the Group wants to roll out the all-IP transition in Poland, Kenya, Jordan, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mauritius.