Cloud: flexibility without any shadow of a cloud

With the Cloud, everyone can now live their digital life.

For consumers, the Cloud offers numerous possibilities:

  • storage and sharing of high-definition video, photo or audio files from a smartphone, tablet or computer, whatever the operating system or file type.
  • files stored in the Cloud can be consulted in multi-screen mode, at home or from any location with an Orange TV.

For professionals, the Cloud makes it possible to work more fluidly on the move by offering quick, transparent and secure use of business applications and data. Whether you are working from home, in a meeting with customers or in a cafe between appointments, you can work just as easily and efficiently as at the office.


The Cloud provides the flexibility needed by businesses for their transformation.
Philippe Laplane, Executive VP Orange Cloud for Business.


While data are always available, they are not available to just anyone. Access can be filtered with security strategies:

  • using administrable logins and passwords,
  • using lock codes that secure access to the Cloud for mobiles and tablets,
  • encrypting stored data transfers.

Cloud solutions are also secured throughout the data storage phase. Orange datacentres are covered by equipment and procedures that guarantee a maximum level of security.

To better understand how Cloud services work, discover Orange's datacentre in Normandy.

Data center Normandie d'Orangepar orangejobs
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