ODN: virtual networks, real benefits

Consumer VOD or Video On Demand services make it very simple for users to download films or series whenever they want. ODN or On Demand Network solutions for businesses operate with the same principle: network infrastructures can now be managed in line with their actual requirements.

For Alain Maloberti, Senior Vice-President Orange Labs Networks: “Network virtualization means new services, increased independence and more control for customers: the key word is agility”.

What technologies are ODN solutions based on? Firstly, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), which involves replacing the network's physical elements such as routers with software. Virtualized network functions ensure greater interoperability between the elements that make up the network.

Alongside this, Software Defined Networking (SDN) makes it possible to automate, configure and control the network with a centralized approach, even remotely. With SDN, the network can be controlled from a simple smartphone or tablet.


The Cloud provides the flexibility needed by businesses for their transformation.
Philippe Laplane, Executive VP Orange Cloud for Business.


Virtualized networks are more flexible and make it possible to deploy new services or extend networks to new sites, within short timeframes. Virtual networks are also scalable and can adapt to high levels of demand: for instance, an e-commerce company will be able to increase its bandwidth during its sales periods to prevent its services becoming saturated.


Open source to accelerate NFV

Committed to supporting innovation in all its forms, Orange is involved in various open source initiatives. The Group is providing startups and industrial firms with access to open platforms serving as a framework for future NFV technologies.

Illustrating this commitment, an NFV Open Source community has been created grouping together industry operators such as AT&T. Its goal is to make equipment fully universal by defining shared specifications, creating plug and play integration processes, and developing standardized APIs to ensure full interoperability.

Orange is also working with Nokia in connection with the ONPVF Labs, which are open source operator platforms that group together service providers, sales teams and users to accelerate the introduction of new products and services using NFV on the market