Networks are being modernized

Have you noticed how digital technology has changed our day-to-day habits? To adapt to this and harness the full potential of digital tools, our networks also need to be transformed. Orange has embraced this mission and launched a major drive to modernize its networks.

But why do the networks need to be modernized?

Unless you are on a digital detox, the internet will now be omnipresent in your day-to-day life! A good quality connection, wherever you are, at a reasonable cost is now essential. All these trends are driving rapid growth in the need for bandwidth: from 2015 to 2018, global internet traffic is expected to grow from 0.9 to 1.6 zettabytes (1).
While internet traffic, generated by consumers and professionals, is contributing to this acceleration, it also reflects the growing number of connected devices: by 2020, there will be 25 billion connected devices in circulation (2) and 420 million connected cars (3).

To meet the growing need for connectivity, Orange is taking action on several levels. With 4G, 5G and LoRa - focused on connected devices - mobile networks are accelerating.
Fixed networks are also part of this movement: Fiber is boosting speeds, while All-IP technology is offering a response to new digital uses.
Not to mention dematerialized solutions, which, through the cloud and network virtualization, are delivering unrivalled flexibility.     

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