The best network is Orange in Moldavia too

In Moldavia, it is Orange customers who enjoy the best mobile network. It’s now official following the study published by Systemics – PAB – an independent and international leader in network quality analytics, which has just confirmed that Orange has the country’s highest performing network.

In other words, the 2.6 million Orange Moldova customers enjoy the best voice and data services in the country. These results are based on tests and measurements conducted last November by international experts on all operator networks. The Orange network ranked first, hands down.

In Moldavia like elsewhere, Orange is constantly improving the robustness and quality of its networks. Currently, virtually the entire territory has access to 3G voice and data coverage, while over 3 million residents enjoy 4G.
This study was conducted at Orange’s request based on several others sponsored throughout the countries in which Orange operates, and provides the operator with certainty that it is offering its customers the best.

Tests were conducted in the country’s 10 major cities, in addition to those performed while roaming and in rural areas. Indicators of customer experience quality included the following:

  • Data transfer speed (download/upload) 3G + and 4G.
  • Connection success rate.
  • Mobile data service reliability.
  • Mobile data service stability.
  • Browsing speed.
  • SD/HD YouTube viewing quality and speed.
  • Voice quality.