Open research

Orange remains fully open to the world and ecosystems of Research and Innovation. We firmly believe that collective intelligence and co-creation with a range of partners (academic labs, start-ups, SMEs, large organisations, the public sector etc), and within a research framework that’s as integrated as possible, are essential for successful innovation today and in the future.  

  • Orange is involved in more than 70 French and European projects, such as the collaborative “AI4EU” initiative, which aims to mobilise the European artificial intelligence community. We’re also very involved in the European public-private partnership for 5G with 22 projects underway including the recent 5GCroco project that is setting up 5G networks along cross-border corridors for driverless cars. We’re working more and more with open source consortiums.

  • Orange is also deeply involved in developing ecosystems of excellence in France through 8 competitiveness clusters (including the Images & Networks cluster) extending to a network of 3,000 industrial and academic partners. Encouraging investment in French technology development, and ensuring autonomy for France and Europe, this initiative includes Technology Research Institutes such as b<>com (networks, security, hypermedia and AI) and SystemX (digital systems engineering).

  • In addition, we have 30 research agreements with university laboratories, as well as two joint laboratories: with Inria on network virtualisation and with the University of Nice on antennas.   

  • We fund 12 university chairs, including one jointly founded with Ecole Polytechnique and Télécom Paris Tech, on Innovation and Regulation and another with Institut Mines-Télécom on Personal Information Values and Policies (PIVP).

  • Orange is active within French Tech ecosystems and start-us to work on groundbreaking technology, along with its uses and markets. Each year, the Group welcomes more than 4,000 visitors to its Salon de la Recherche, a discussion forum that enables our researchers to share their work through more than forty demos.