The content platform – the heart of Orange’s strategy

Orange is committed to making useful and intelligent content constantly more accessible to the greatest number of people. With its expertise as an operator and distributor, the Group is betting on entertainment platforms that unite network quality, a broad range of content, and an enhanced customer experience.

Technology is increasingly doing away with the constraints of space and time. Consumers can now access content at their leisure anywhere on the planet, and can even access different types of content simultaneously, on different devices, whenever they like. New usages are made possible thanks to the introduction of entertainment platforms that group digital content. They create methods of consumption that are ever more intelligent and personalized, such as web platforms for video streaming, replay or live TV, video on demand (VoD), with or without a subscription (SVoD), and social networks.

Orange is aware of this convergence and is positioning itself as an broadcaster/distributor of content in a number of countries where it is active. On the basis of our extensive network experience, we are cultivating these two skills so as to become the leading interface between content and users, including mobile users. Orange is betting on a virtuous cycle in which growth in content drives user growth and vice-versa.

Orange’s TV universe illustrates this goal. Today it includes more than 8.4 million households connected to a galaxy of content that has already achieved great popularity (free and pay channels, TVoD, SVoD) or is up-and-coming (web channels, e-Sport, streaming video games). And all this comes with incomparable video (UHD) and audio (Dolby Atmos) quality.

We are committed to offering content that improves everyone’s lives and allows them to reach their potential. We innovate so that everyone can choose their content and learn what they need. This is what guided us when we created our vocal TV assistant Ola. Orange develops innovations such as virtual reality that will enrich viewers’ television experience in the future. It is in this spirit that we have designed an intelligent Wi-Fi and box virtualization, which we presented at the Show Hello in April 2017.

Orange Studio: 10 years of support of movies

Orange has provided support for the cinema industry for many years now: the Group takes part in all stages of the life of a film, from coproduction to digital distribution or projection in movie theatres. Since 2007, its subsidiary Orange Studio has managed the coproduction and acquisition of French and European films. In ten years, we have coproduced some 100 films and some of them have won awards. In 2017, Orange is placing particular emphasis on cinema on the occasion of the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival and the release of “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” the new film by Luc Besson, in which the Group is a major partner.