Delighting visitors means winning happy customers

Orange’s strategic choices and technological and digital innovation are changing our skills and ways of working, and creating new expertise. Find out more about the role of Giancarla Cardonna, who is a shop manager in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. 

Giancarla, can you explain what you do at Orange // Can you explain your job role to us?

I run one of Orange Spain’s shops here. It’s an exciting job! Our team has seven advisors and a technical support manager. I have a lot of different daily tasks.

Each morning I run a sales report from the previous day to set the priorities that will help us reach our objectives. It’s important for me to share this analysis with the team so we can define everyone’s goals for the day. I also carry out admin tasks such as billing, inventory reviews, ordering.

In addition, I develop the team’s sales skills and I constantly assess how we’re dealing with customers. We then determine what training we might need to optimise the customer relationship and develop our sales performance.    

What are the 3 skills you need for your role?

Firstly leadership and team management because everyone must feel valued, listened to, supported on a daily basis, and be able to continually develop their skills. I would say you also have to be creative to analyse what’s wrong and provide solutions that help you reach your goals. And perseverance, because improvement has to be continuous and even the smallest changes can be very effective.  

How has digital transformed your role?

Digital has changed the way our professions focus on simplicity and data security. When a customer subscribes to an offer we scan their identity documents and use a digital signature. We can report any process problems much quicker and also make improvements without any delay. Everything is simpler and smoother for us and our customers. This saves us time to focus on more valuable tasks such as providing real advice to customers and ensure their satisfaction.

What is your next challenge?

I’m focused on growing our sales results and so I need to continue to develop my team, improve customer satisfaction and boost our conversion rate from footfall to sales. We’ll integrate new offers such as smart security, and financial services that are coming our way. My ambition is to remain the reference shop in the Canary Islands and respond in the best possible way to all the customers who come and see us!