Intrapreneurship: the start-up mode within the company

There are different ways of encouraging innovation. Within the OZ programme, Orange has no less than four initiatives to promote new ideas. There are “classic” methods – continuous improvement, ideas wall and innovation challenges – to detect good ideas within teams. But also a more ambitious initiative, which helps employees whose projects have been selected to bring their ideas to market. 

The intrapreneurship innovation model benefits everyone. Intrapreneurs can access Orange resources and 6 to 18 months’ support to independently develop their projects in start-up mode. The Group retains talented employees within its teams, enriches its innovation portfolio and takes advantage of new business opportunities.

“Intrapreneurship consists of cocooning projects developed by employees in a dedicated space,” says Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Deputy CEO and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. This is end-to-end support, which helped Anne-Laure Alliot and Renaud Cazoulat, who founded the Look Around and Ookilé projects respectively. These projects will soon become Orange products, and are presented by their creators in a video that may make you want to try your hand at intrepreneurship too!