Orange commits to responsible mobile use while driving

At Orange, we’re working towards being a trusted partner for a positive, simple, safe and secure digital world. In a world where digital technology impacts all our lives, we aim to promote enlightened digital behaviour. That’s why Orange is committed to promoting responsible mobile phone use while driving to maximise road safety. This approach looks at how customers, employees and the general public can prevent accidents.

How Orange commits to its customers

As a caring employer and responsible digital operator, Orange encourages its employees, customers and general public to use their phones safely, especially on the road. This commitment is at the heart of the Group’s approach to social and environmental responsibility.

Today, Orange provides advice and information to the general public aimed at people on four wheels, two wheels and on foot.
Orange also provides advice and information to the general public aimed at people on four wheels, two wheels and on foot. The #GoodPractice platform hosted on offers information about the risks of using mobiles on the road. Available content will include gifs, a good practice guide and the ad campaign that will be running on TV and in cinemas from 17 February 2018.
At the same time there will also be a dedicated section on road, bike and pedestrian safety on the Bien vivre le digital website. This French website aims to promote the best telecoms experience by providing the public with clear answers and solutions tailored to current issues.

Try the SMS Speedmeter* gale

The SMS Speedmeter* game will feature on the #GoodPractice platform as a fun and educational way to learn how dangerous it is to text and drive. The game checks how long it takes you to copy out an SMS along with the number of metres you travel without looking at the road!

*see how distracted you are

Orange supports its employees with good practice for using “mobiles on the road”

There’s no compromise when it comes to the safety of our employee drivers and their fellow road users. At Orange, it’s simply forbidden to hold your phone while driving. The Group has set up a policy for communicating safely while driving an Orange vehicle, which complies with the recommendations of the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM).

More than 8,000 Group road safety courses have been held since 2012. These one-day courses allow everyone to discover their driving profile and brush up on important road safety theory. E-learning modules are then offered to employees to help maintain their good driving habits.

We also participate in the public “Route plus sure” (Safer road) programme, which brings together French companies who are committed to enhancing their employees’ safety on the road via internal awareness.

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Commitment #1: We limit mobile phone use while driving to emergencies.

  • By not holding telephone conversations with a colleague who is driving.
  • By asking employees to postpone calls and not talk while driving.
  • By encouraging employees to use the “Mode conduite” (Driver mode) app.