#GigasSolidarios initiative – Where solidarity means Gigabytes!

Digital technology has become an essential tool for accessing information and education as well as business, social and financial services. Fighting the digital divide is a major challenge for Orange. Here’s the latest news about the #GigasSolidarios initiative launched in Spain.

The Orange Group operates in 29 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This extended footprint puts us in a position of responsibility. Wherever we do business, we’re committed to reducing the sources of exclusion behind the digital divide in all its forms – whether financial, physical or cultural.

Gigas Solidarios”: Orange Spain’s unique solidarity programme for sharing unused data

The teams within Orange Spain launched an aid initiative this year which provides 12 months of free Internet access and a tablet with Windows Mobile and Microsoft Office to vulnerable families. The project was launched at the end of 2017 among 500 households in partnership with the association “Aldeas Infantiles SOS” (SOS Children’s Villages). This organisation is responsible for selecting the families (on the basis of various criteria including families dealing with difficulties and disabilities…).

This initiative is a collective project: it involves our Group but also our customers, employees and partners.
Ana Alarcón, Product Manager Orange Spain

Orange Spain’s customers participate via the My Orange app

Since 6 November, Orange subscribers in Spain have been invited to share any unused data from their monthly bundle. It only takes one click to do some good: you can activate the feature directly in the My Orange app.

By simply clicking the box next to their data amount, they can share any unused data with those who need it the most.
Ana Alarcón, Product Manager Orange Spain

The operation underlines the generosity of Spanish subscribers. The volume of data collected is constantly increasing so more and more families who would otherwise be digitally excluded can benefit from it. The objective is to reach, with the participation of our customers, up to 1.000 households. Customers such as Laura are even getting their relatives involved by inviting them to participate:

“Great initiative. Just tap on the menu in the My Orange app to track your data usage and activate the option! I’ve done it! #solidarity”

Through this simple and original programme, Orange is reaffirming its commitment to ensure digital helps to speed up progress for everyone.

SOS Children’s Villages is a non-political and non-religious international humanitarian association. Founded in 1949 in Imst, Austria, it helps children in 134 countries. The association is a member of UNESCO and has consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.