Orange acts for a positive digital society

As optimists we believe that technology contributes to a brighter economic future. Putting people at the heart of this transition is an opportunity to build a smarter, more open and more responsible society.

Supporting the development of a positive digital society means making technology that promotes greater territorial cohesion, supporting changes in skills and knowledge, training, work and employment. To make this development sustainable, everything we do is built on trust.

Promoting territorial cohesion

Through our history, status and presence in the daily lives of millions of people, Orange has a special responsibility when it comes to the local development of countries. Challenges can best be addressed through significant network investment because it is only when it’s accessible to as many people as possible that technology can be transformed into progress. That’s why investing in connectivity across our European and African footprint is our primary commitment so that people can access information, education and also business, social and financial services.

Orange has committed to accelerating mobile antenna deployment in France to overcome ‘les zones blanches’ (blackspots) and develop our connectivity across all countries where the Group is present.

Support the change in working practices

We’re actively supporting the everyday skills development of our 150,000 employees in a world where new technologies (Big Data, digital marketing, cyberdefense, network virtualisation) are opening up new business models and opportunities. In particular, we offer more than 40 professional development programmes in France and abroad via an e-learning academy.

We also promote collaborative thinking on how technology is transforming knowledge development, training and working. The impact of digital is complex and multifaceted. Consumer innovations that have proliferated in the field of computing, networks and robotics since the 1970s have also penetrated the business world. They’ve now become an inherent part of professional life – from manufacturing through to services, product and service design to delivery and workflow management to training etc.

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The way we work is also changing in terms of opening up direct and indirect value-sharing in economies across our footprint: the value created from our own business activities, our purchases, investments and tax contributions but also job creation as part of our start-up ecosystem or high-impact social entrepreneurship.

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Create trust in the digital world

Digital technologies are transforming society and our daily lives, but they can generate risks, anxieties and uncertainties. At Orange we want everyone to embrace these changes with confidence and make the most of a positive digital world.

We’re drawing on our heritage as a network operator, our strong awareness of our long-term responsibility and our presence in our customers’ daily lives. This trusted relationship is embodied in the quality and performance of our connectivity solutions, the way we maintain our infrastructure, the interoperability of our services, as well as our advice and support, practical guides and solutions in the areas of child protection, data and cybersecurity.

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Trust is also based on our ability to be proactive in the digitisation of society and fight against the risk of digital exclusion. The Orange Foundation has been promoting equal opportunities for 30 years. Throughout the Orange footprint we’re implementing digital education programmes to help socially-vulnerable young people as well as women in difficult situations. Our activities extend not only to the equipment we supply, but also to our employees who give up their time and volunteer their support in the field.