Sustainable development projects that are making a difference

Last year the GSM Association (GSMA) launched its “Case For Change” campaign at the Mobile World Congress Americas to showcase the positive impact of digital on individuals, economies and societies around the world. 

From Pakistan to Peru to Kenya, initiatives are emerging to make mobile technologies a powerful progress lever for key issues such as health, reducing inequality, education and climate change. The Case For Change enables the GSMA to highlight these projects and demonstrate how mobile operators can have a positive impact on the lives of billions of men, women and children.

The "change-making" world tour

Whether they enable mobile payment solutions for healthcare in Kenya, online sharing of secular traditions in South Korea, or e-learning tools for children from remote areas in Peru, these projects will all help to accelerate the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, promoted by the GSMA.

Since its launch at the MWC Americas in September 2017, the Case For Change has travelled 130,000 km around the world, stopping in 18 countries to document the story behind each project. One such example is taking place in Chamonix, France, where the CREA Mont-Blanc and Orange are using mobile technologies to collect essential data on the region’s climate, physical landscape and wildlife.

The world tour will culminate in February 2018 at the MWC Barcelona.

  • The GSM Association represents nearly 800 mobile operators and manufacturers across 220 countries worldwide.
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  • Representing the mobile telecoms industry at the international level, the GSMA is very active in socio-economic development, particularly through its mobile for development programme.
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  • The Orange Group is also very involved through its position as a GSMA member and particularly through its “Orange for development” programme.
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