Today / Tomorrow: from physical to digital workplace

A company’s digital transformation profoundly changes its workflow organisation, and includes a material as well as a relational evolution.

Digital technologies are reinventing the way we communicate and collaborate as our workplace shifts from physical to digital.

The buzzword for this transformation is dematerialisation, simplifying mobility to the point of ubiquity and giving rise to new work spaces and places. It also allows more extensive and effective collaboration by breaking down time and distance constraints.

Gradually, the very notion of ‘workspace’ will make way for one of ‘work mode’. Employees enter a new relationship with their company and can collaborate on team projects more seamlessly – from the home, office, or third place – thanks to tools that are ever more accessible and available.

Today, to reach your team you have to pisk up the phone. Tomorrow, you(ll be able to join them physically in a virtual meeting room for faster and richer discussion