It’s European Cyber Security Month

Cybersecurity is in the spotlight in October and there are lots of initiatives going on at Orange. Anticipating, detecting, protecting against and reacting to attacks in the vast digital world are daily priorities within Orange teams across the world. It is also the core business of Orange Cyberdefense, French leader and major player in the European market.

Group in front of a data wall (picture)

From advising citizens on the right thing to do, to supporting companies, throughout the month of October we’re proposing a host of articles and additional content to help keep you up to date with the latest cyber risks.

Cyber security definition:
Cyber security is the set of tools and processes used to protect the digital environment (cyberspace). Cyber security protects people, ideas and data. 

Every year, thousands of Europeans fall victim to “phishing” attacks. Affecting both individuals and businesses, hackers’ strategies are constantly diversifying. Today, if we’re online, we’re a potential target. We firmly believe that when it comes to cybercrime prevention is a powerful weapon, which is why we’re trying to raise awareness of phishing risks to as many people as possible.

What is phishing?                                                         
Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive personal information from web users (such as usernames, passwords) and/or bank details by posing as a trustworthy or legitimate entity. It can be a fake email, text message or telephone call, which appears to be from a bank, social network, telephone operator, energy supplier, e-commerce site, government administration or other.   

Cyberdefense: guardians of the network

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Which apps can help protect your private life?

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Phishing, what is it and how can you prevent it?  

Our experts are at your service! Pick up some useful and practical cyber habits.

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