COVID-19 Solidarity: 3 start-ups making culture more accessible online

From design to music or reading, for some people, the lockdown has been a chance to spend more time on hobbies or develop new interests. Three start-ups supported by Orange are enabling people to access culture more easily by adapting their digital solutions. Full interviews are available on the Orange Start-up site.

Man on a tablet listening to music

#1 Iconem

Strolling down the streets of Aleppo from your sofa is now possible! From Angkor Wat to the Citadel of Damascus, Iconem has modelled more than 200 archaeological sites around the world in 3D, many of which are currently inaccessible or closed to visitors. Yves Ubelman, architect and founder of the start-up, presents the solution as a way to promote more sustainable, accessible and inclusive tourism.

#2 Music Crab

Who hasn’t dreamed of learning to play an instrument without having to take hours of music theory classes? Eric Zorgniotti, Paris Opera cellist for over two decades, developed Music Crab, an app for anyone over the age of five to read music while having fun and developing their memory.

#3 YouScribe

With the closure of bookshops and libraries, the publishing industry has been particularly affected by lockdown measures. The YouScribe digital library enables readers to access a large collection of books, magazines and audio books from any device. Founder Juan Pirlot de Corbion explains more about his solution, which has attracted many new bookworms in recent weeks.

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