Published on 11 February 2020

How 5G will strengthen business competitiveness

5G deployment will be a key milestone in 2020. Used in addition to existing networks, it will lead to a profound change in consumer uses and accelerate growth in many business sectors too. A world of opportunities is opening up to many companies, who are investing in co-innovation to create value for their industries and future jobs.


What is the exact role 5G will play in business digital transformation?

Opinions from three experts: Stéphane Klajzyngier, Managing Director of LACROIX Electronics, Sébastien Kaiser, Network & Connectivity Director at SNCF and Olivier Wioland, Mobile Network Marketing Director at Orange Business Services.

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Unprecedented technical performance

With much higher speeds than 4G, 5G will bring unprecedented quality and fluidity to a large number of consumer and business services and applications, from video conferencing to video streaming.

There has also been a breakthrough in terms of network distribution, as some parts of the network can now be reserved for priority uses such as healthcare or manufacturing.

5G’s technical performance is advancing companies into an era of instantaneity: data speeds are now measured in milliseconds. This means data can be processed in near real-time, improving business productivity and limiting energy consumption.




A revolution in uses

5G therefore heralds a step change in business models across many different sectors. For example, it will change the way manufacturers design and maintain factories through the use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

In the health sector, 5G will boost the development of telemedicine, for example by facilitating remote consultations.

Urban transport networks will be able to improve connectivity for customers and provide real-time visibility of rail operations. To take advantage of all the benefits offered by this new network and co-develop future uses, companies, industry bodies, public authorities and operators must work together.

We’re contributing to numerous collective projects, such as through our partnership with LACROIX Electronics to conceive the factory of the future or our collaboration with SNCF and Nokia to develop connectivity in railway stations.




During the annual Orange Business Summit, which hosted more than 1,000 corporate customers last April, Orange Business Services set up a temporary live 5G demo network to present concrete use cases. As an operator and service integrator dedicated to Orange Group countries, this was a chance to highlight projects developed with partners and customers across various different industries. From the end of March 2020, a new edition will enable us to measure the progress of co-innovation partnerships with our customers.