Published on 07 October 2019

OCS Signature: the French touch in your series

At OCS, the “made in France” series are synonymous with daring, creative freedom, and artistic excellence. Since 2011, the OCS Signature label has brought these new genre series together under the same banner.


A specific signature

French production, 26 minutes format, creations focused on comedy or dramatic comedy: OCS supports French fiction with an ambitious approach. Since 2011, these series have been brought together under the OCS Signature label.

“The OCS Signature ‘stamp’ highlights the specific format of these series”, explains Boris Duchesnay, Director of Programming at OCS. “But it’s also a programming pigeonhole that is clearly identified by our subscribers.”

Five or six series join the label each year, mixing new creations and new seasons of existing series.


Free as an OCS Signature series

What is the OCS philosophy? To finance ambitious productions with limited budget. “Our way of working differs from that of terrestrial channels”, emphasizes Boris Duchesnay. “We finance projects up to 50% and give the producers total creative freedom. The pace of production is also quicker than for a traditional series.”

Hence the need for OCS to make good upstream project choices. The meeting with the producers is crucial: out of the question for OCS to produce two series in the same field or choose a theme already exploited by a very popular series.


Beyond country borders with “Missions”

The first series from the label to depart from comedy, Missions, is orientated towards science fiction. Filmed in France and Morocco, this space adventure follows a team of European scientists and astronauts whilst they are preparing to land on Mars after a 10-day voyage. On arrival, they discover that American rivals have got there before them, but are not showing any sign of life.

Acclaimed by the critics and winning awards (Series Mania Festival and 2017 International TV Program Market), Missions is being broadcast from June 2017 and is attracting excellent audiences. International broadcasting is planned in seven countries, which represents a major step forward for the international promotion of this type of format.