Published on 26 March 2020

Staying at home? Stay cultured thanks to digital

Digital technology is an incredible power for good, whether to allow everyone easy access to culture and knowledge or to help vulnerable populations learn new skills to find a job or access public services. Even if our digital training workshops are currently suspended in countries with lockdown measures, the Orange Foundation has developed a range of online solutions for anyone wanting to learn or access culture from a distance.


New video formats for learning STEM subjects

Did you know that you and your children can access maths, science and computing video lessons to suit all ages and abilities via the Khan Academy? The platform is used around the world by students, parents and teachers and also in French-speaking countries since it was made available in French through a partnership with the Orange Foundation. Millions of words and courses have been translated and adapted under the supervision of a scientific committee.   

With more than 10 million users a month, the Khan Academy offering is nothing like your usual MOOC or e-learning platform. It’s a video-based learning method that allows everyone to progress at their own pace in subjects people often find hard to grasp. 


Museums: developing new forms for easy access to knowledge

For several years, and in partnership with cultural institutions, the Orange Foundation has also produced cultural MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), which allow free access to learn about culture at your own pace and from home. These new forms of learning provide, over a defined period of time, free access to online courses 24 hours a day, where each participant freely determines the time they want to devote to the sessions. Each MOOC is composed of several themed sequences and offers videos, complementary resources, learning activities and a discussion forum.

At the end of each sequence, a quiz allows participants to self-assess the knowledge they have learned. This is a free and easy way to discover a new subject or learn more about modern and contemporary art, the origins of Man, Louis XIV at Versailles, impressionism and more…

Don't miss the latest French MOOC in partnership with RMN - Grand Palais if you want to decipher the sometimes forgotten meanings of the use of the 3 primary colours over time!



Access to literature and the performing arts

You can also share your passion for reading and literature by seeing which free online courses and MOOCs are available on the MOOC List– from William Wordsworth to Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  If movies are your thing you can sign up to online courses from the British Film Institute and National Film and Television School.

As a sponsor of the live retransmission of operas in cinemas and public places (temporarily suspended), we’re also supporting the Paris Opera initiative which offers a weekly broadcast from its recent programme of events: access is free on the Paris Opera website and Culturebox.

All this, for free, to encourage everyone to stay cultured even when staying at home!  


Museums: developing new ways to access knowledge for all