Published on 16 May 2018

Villa Bonne Nouvelle: Tomorrow’s work is invented here

What will future jobs look like? What new working methods and organisations will develop? How will places and spaces be arranged? It is to provide answers to these questions that Orange created the Villa Bonne Nouvelle, in the Sentier neighbourhood of Paris, where many ‘start-uppers’ and ‘slashers’ are based.


Magali Lahourcade Siccardi, who heads up the Villa Bonne Nouvelle, describes this 350m2 space as, “a laboratory of HR innovation”, and it is home to sixty people (half are Orange employees, half are freelancers, artists and start-ups) for a year. The residents have twelve months to build a collective and invent the working practices of the future.

A future, says Magali Lahourcade Siccardi, to which “managers will have to adapt”, becoming coaches to employees who are much more autonomous and empowered, and used to working in agile mode. She believes, “we have to think of tomorrow’s workspaces as hives, with a lot of small collectives that come together for a time around projects.”



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