28 August 2018

Parents and children: closing the digital gap

From their first smartphone to social media, 3D video games, virtual reality headsets and more… kids and teens are more connected than ever. Always ready to experiment with and adopt the latest online experiences, they leaving adults lagging behind. That’s why Orange is proactive when it comes to helping parents and children become more digitally savvy.



Did you know?

The average household now has 11 digital devices (TV, PC, consoles, tablets and smartphones).
7-12 year olds spend 5h40 a week online.





Smartphones, social media, video games… today they’re an essential part of our lives for communication, information and maintaining relationships with friends and family. But, are you certain you know how to use them safely? Protect your privacy and that of your loved ones? Ensure your children don’t come across shocking or inappropriate content?

These are just some of the issues faced by parents in France and around the world, which is why Orange is committed to helping as many people as possible understand how to use digital technology in the right way.




To get families talking about the issues, Orange France has created the REZO game in partnership with Okapi. Easy and fun to play, it is based on the theme of social networking and offers hints and tips for staying safe and secure online.


Meanwhile, the Bien vivre le digital website serves as a bible for protecting children online with a dedicated parents’ area providing recommendations and practical guides.

In Spain, the Group has also launched a communication campaign to help teens use social media. The aim is to educate them on the ups and downs of social networks and the potential harm in equating “likes” to self-worth and popularity.



It’s not just about communication; our offers also adapt to the needs of all the family.

For example, thanks to Parental Control (TV, Internet, Mobile) you can block inappropriate or adult content and set Internet access controls for each device connected to your Livebox to ensure teens don’t spend all night online. We also offer a dedicated family social network Family Place, which is totally private and free of advertising so you can communicate freely and securely.

DThere are also special children’s tariffs available in France and Spain, which are adapted to their needs (and yours) when it comes to buying their first mobile.




Read our practical guides dedicated to parents (in French)