Published on 07 June 2018

Photo progress with Orange

Human Inside photo contests are opening from 30 May to 16 July 2018!


From 30 May to 16 July 2018, Wipplay and Orange are co-launching 3 simultaneous photo contests: Better Me, Smarter Society, and Augmented Planet. These themes follow our corporate philosophy Human Inside.

What is the hidden key idea? Progress is only meaningful if it serves humans, our society and our planet for the long term.



Better Me

My augmented reality!

The goal of the Better Me contest is for your photos to reflect augmented reality and technological progress. So it’s your job to find situations that best illustrate a positive and responsible vision of new technologies! This could be better ways of living or reinventing social bonds...

better me


smarter society

Smarter Society

Smart, Better, Sooner.

Depict your vision of an intelligent, connected and responsible society for the Smarter Society contest. The point is to share your vision of technological progress, whether that means bringing people closer together or sharing ideas more simply.



Augmented Planet

We don't have to go to Mars.

Our planet is now ultra connected thanks to ultra efficient networks. For the Augmented Planet contest, show us your pictures that reveal how humans are making use of technology while protecting, or even improving, the natural world around them.

augmented planet