28 September 2018

Spotlight on your vision of progress

From May to July, you showed us what you think progress means in pictures, by taking part in the Orange and Wipplay photo competition. The time has come to share the photos that caught the attention of our jury.





Technology is only meaningful if it is useful and accessible to as many people as possible. Bridging the digital divide, and sharing the human, social and environmental benefits that innovation can bring to the world around us, is becoming an essential priority for governments, NGOs and large corporations alike.
How can we make sure that the fourth industrial revolution – based on the digital technology that’s transforming the planet – can give rise to a new era of prosperity? We believe that people, society and the environment must be at the centre of all reflection and that human beings are the starting and finishing point for all our activities.

Inspired by this philosophy and in line with our commitment as a corporate citizen, we launched our “Human Inside” photo contest at the end of May and running until mid July. You were also inspired, because we received no less than 6,000 entries across the different categories proposed.
On 13 September, a jury comprising social entrepreneurs, journalists, artists, photographers and Orange employees met to make the final selection. Discussions were passionate, resulting in the beautiful collection of winning photos you can enjoy on our Orange Instagram account.    


Augmented Planet Category

augmented planet


Yacine Aait Kaci, author, producer/director and transmedia artist steadfastly defended the first prize entry in this category won by Pranab Basak: “These Indian children watching a luminous globe that is lighting up their smiling faces evokes learning about the planet and the environment. They seem to be warming their hands on the globe: it’s a warm moment but we can also see the threat of global warming. There is a subtle reference to the ecological transition that future generations will need to undertake, and that won’t happen without the move towards cleaner technologies.”


Better Me Category

better me


Nicolas Lascourrèges, a photographer who is known for his initiate, humanist and documentary style, was seduced by this winning photo by Adrien Roux: “This shot of a young migrant with his eyes shut and letting out a guttural cry really touched us. The emotion is palpable, but ambivalent. This cry can express the joy of listening to music with friends, or refer to the pain associated with an unhappy memory experienced during his journey or in his homeland that he tries to transcend through music… It’s ambivalent, but there is a real strength and undeniable energy in this portrait.”


Smarter Society Category

smarter society


Olivier Cohen de Timary, founder and managing editor of Socialter magazine, can’t stop praising the winning photo in this category won by Mitranor: “This shot of children talking to each other by walkie-talkie while they are standing side by side shows how children at the youngest ages are attracted to the communication tools used by their elders. Their opposition, which manifests through the framing of the window sills and their different moods (one is smiling, the other is grimacing) brings a touch of humour to the photo.”